Anxiety - A Personal Experience

A personal story on experience of anxiety has been shared with us to help people understand what it can be like and how accepting anxiety can be the first step to help.


'After having my last child and becoming a family of four I felt my life was everything I had ever wanted, that’s when the thoughts of "impending doom" began. I felt like I was constantly waiting for something bad to happen as things were "too good". I had feelings often that something bad would happen to me or one of my family. A few months on I began feeling a little short of breath on and off, then the thoughts of "I have an illness" started, I googled shortness of breath and that was the start of a very long story of medical tests and investigation, many doctors’ visits with many symptoms which started to appear including, shortness of breath, dizzy spells, brain fog, palpitations and more. After an all clear from all tests the doctor mentioned anxiety, I was annoyed and remember thinking they didn’t believe me, "my symptoms were real not in my head". The doctors wanted me to start an antidepressant but I was too worried I would have side effects from them so I never took them.

I eventually started reading about anxiety and once I understood the causes of physical symptoms and that they were real I became more accepting, this is when I found the Claire Weekes books which really helped me understand, not to fight anxiety just accept and know it will pass, once I accepted anxiety I really started to open up more and talk about it with those around me which helped too. I am not completely anxiety free, but I have less anxiety symptoms now and feel I might see a light at the end of the tunnel. If I had to give any advice to anyone it would be acceptance and having trust in your doctors really is important.'