Claremont Staff Wish For Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week we would like to introduce Clayre, Erin and Linsey who are support workers at Claremont House.


“We are Clayre, Erin and Linsey and we are Support Workers at Claremont House.

Mental Health has affected us personally in lots of different ways. We believe that our first-hand experience allows us to have an understanding of how difficult it can be when your living with a mental health condition.


Its ok if...........

Today was a bad day.

You didn't get all your tasks finished.

Today was a struggle.

Your day didn't go to plan.

All you did was survive.

You had to have a day off.


Our wish for the world would be to break the stigma, then asking for help just might be easier.”