Craigsheilds 'Tea & Talk'

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

Today I would like to introduce our Craigshields Team who support our residents who reside in our supported accommodation. As part of Mental Health Awareness they held a Tea and Talk session. Our Team Leader, Morag Edmondson, at Craigshields reflects on the meeting.

“As part of Mental Health Awareness week Craigshields staff and the people we support there, held a Tea and Talk session and talked about this years theme loneliness.
Those that attended all said that when they had experienced loneliness for long periods of time it had led to their mental health declining, leading to feelings of paranoia and for some depression.
Some of the group, said that loneliness had led them to become involved with people who took advantage of them. Jamie said “I knew he only came round for money, but I just wanted the company so I let him in”.
The group all said how much of a positive effect it had on their mental health living in a house with other people. One of the group said, “there is always someone to talk to here and I like that”.
The group said that it wasn’t easy to say that you felt lonely but agreed that it was helpful to get together as we did today and talk about how they felt.”