A Few Words From Acting Care & Support Manager

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

As Mental Health Week comes to a close we would Lisa Todd our Acting Head of Care and Support would like to say a few words

“I'd like to thank our fantastic team for their amazing posts this week, also for their ongoing hard work and dedication. I'm sure it's obvious to all just how dedicated and compassionate our staff team are when you see these posts.


Mental health awareness means so very much to us at DGMHA. The theme this year, loneliness reminds us to always listen to those around us, be there for friends, family, neighbours and reach out if we need someone to be there for us.


Times are hard for everyone with a pandemic, lockdowns, isolation, wars, there's so much going on in the world we need to focus on each other and remember it's the smiles, waves, “hellos” that can make a huge difference to people's day.


Be kind to each other, mental health never discriminates neither should we."