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We are dedicated to providing effective property services for service users with mental health conditions.   We prioritise putting people first and ensuring their well-being is our top priority. Our aim is to create a safe and supportive environment, tailored to the specific needs of individuals facing mental health challenges.

Our team is committed to providing a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of our service users. From settling into appropriate accommodation to offering ongoing support and experiences, we strive to create a positive and nurturing environment where individuals can thrive.

We believe that everyone deserves safe and suitable housing, regardless of their mental health challenges.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Together, we can create a better future for individuals with mental health issues by putting their well-being and housing needs first.

Feedback from our service users is important to us and we encourage the opinions of those who live in our properties.  We aim to be responsive within Housing Scotland Act 2006 Standards.

We are fortunate to have dedicated support to address our day to day problems and provide quality solutions to ensure that our properties are well-maintained and functioning properly.

Our Maintenance Person, Ross McKee, has a diverse range of skills and can handle various tasks that would otherwise require outsourcing, which can be costly.

By having a maintenance person who can perform tasks such as plumbing, joinery, painting, groundworks and more, we can avoid the expense of hiring specialised tradespeople for small jobs.

Ross’s skills provide valuable support and expertise in preventive maintenance - identifying potential issues, making repairs and suggest improvements to prevent costly problems in the future. This proactive approach helps to ensure the smooth operation of our facilities and reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns and interruptions.

We aim to adhere to the Repairing Standards contained in the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006, to ensure our facilities comply with legal and contractual obligations whilst also committing to ensuring our properties meet the energy efficiency and sustainability standards laid down by Scottish Government as we work towards the target of net-zero greenhouse gases by 2045.


Claremont House Care home

Claremont is situated in Dumfries near the town centre, it is a 10 Bedroom Care home which provides 24/7 support to its residents.

The residents in Claremont are encouraged and supported to live their lives as independently as possible and to remain a part of their local communities where possible.

Craigsheilds – House of Multiple Occupants

Also situated in Dumfries town centre Craigsheilds offers a home to up to 11 residents who may require extra support to live independently and learn life skills which may need relearned or grown.

Staff are present in Craigsheilds all day and there is a sleepover member of staff during the night for reassurance.

Lovers Walk Dumfries - House of Multiple Occupants

Situated in Dumfries a 5 bedroom house of multiple occupants with staff only attending the house at support times is for those requiring less support but added reassurance. A lovely big home with lovely garden area.

Queen Street Castle Douglas - House of Multiple Occupants

Our House of multiple occupants in Castle Douglas homes up to 6 residents and has support staff available all day until 7pm, residents share meal times and are supported by staff to shop and cook etc.

As well as these tenancy options we also have four private tenancies for service users in the community which are a mixture of one and two-bedroom properties.


A home is a fundamental need that contributes to our overall well-being and quality of life.


Ross McKee

Ross McKee

Maintenance Person

Audrey Grierson

Audrey Grierson

Estates Manager

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Property and Estates

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